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Write a Perfect Essay - DRAPES Writing Method

In the course of the students' academic path, everyone will have to deal with an essay at least once, and most of those assignments can either pull down or boost your grade significantly. That is the reason why it is necessary to know how to come up with a good essay. As a student, you need to consider doing it in advance than cram at the last minute. Thus, you won't worry about your assignment later will have more free time to spend as you wish.

If you have hard times, there are some ways to write an essay easily. One of those is to follow the DRAPES writing. It can help you organize all the thoughts easily and write a refined paper. Below, you may find the best college essay help online — a quick guide on the DRAPES method and how to use it while writing.

DRAPES in a Nutshell

The DRAPES method is famous and widely used by those who want to deal with essays efficiently. In the process of making your assignment with DRAPES, you should always have a separate piece of paper to write down some ideas, keep everything organized, and minimize possible mistakes. Apply the DRAPES method according to the paragraphs.

  • D
    Use a Dialogue when you need to provide a professional opinion. You don't have to give a direct one if you don't want to. Use group nouns instead of proper ones. When using direct quotes, don't forget to put quotation marks in between the statements so as to give emphasis to what is being said.
  • R
    Ask the reader some Rhetorical questions to make your essay more engaging. Let the reader think and analyze, but at the same time, make them feel that there is no need to answer the questions. Rhetorical questions are better to use in your introductory or conclusion paragraphs.
  • A
    Another effective way to emphasize your point is Analogy. You can use some stylistic devices such as, for example, similes (as black as coal). On the other hand, a metaphor would be expressing things in a different order, i.e., using a comparison of two unrelated objects that have one similar aspect in common (the curtain of night fell ). You will be able to enhance the quality of your essay by slipping in a few short stories that convey and emphasize your message.
  • P
    If you have Personal experience that is strong enough and related to the main idea of your essay, it is good to use it. The application of personal experience will give the reader a connection with the writer and more reliability towards your writing.
  • E
    Examples are an essential part of any essay. This element is closely interconnected with a P (for personal experience) because it makes a good argument and can make an essay more compelling and reasonable.
  • S
    Statistics is used for factual purposes. Include verified percentages and stats from reliable and relevant sources in your essay to support your argument in different perspectives.

Remember to state clearly where the information came from so that the reader can verify it for themselves. So, don't forget about the properly formatted references. By following these guidelines, you can write any of your essays fast and easy! And, if there is a stumbling block in your writing, a quick search on the Internet will provide you with hundred tips and examples that can be used as a model guide in making a refined essay.

Keep in mind that different types of essays can have different requirements and standards. Hence, it is advisable to research on what you will be writing in your essay and always clear all the doubts with your professor.